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They say there is a special interest group for every known passion but after a few years it's evident which ones have validity and which ones are passing fancies. Back in 1968, the suppliers to the pest management industry felt un-represented. They knew that the services they provided were valuable and that this was a good business to grow. But their concerns over packaging, shipping, sponsorships, conferences and more were troubling and they felt that the best way to provide service to the industry was to establish an association to voice their common position.

And - the rest is history. Never more than about 75 manufacturers and distributors, UPF&DA is a staple in the pest management industry. Our members represent most of the suppliers to the specialty applicators. Some years, we sit to the side, watching and taking notes. We're frequently referred to as a standing army – ready to act when needed.

One major achievement has been the acknowledgement by NPMA of UPF&DA's request for more visible representation on their Board of Directors. While we began lobbying for this position 203 years ago, the result was short of our goal. Now with new NPMA leadership, our request has found a more receptive audience. Not only are there three supplier members on the NPMA Board but there is a Supplier's Council to provide a platform to the manufacturers and distributors.

Who are our members – most of the distributors throughout the United States, Caribbean, Canada and Europe as well as large and small manufacturers. We have huge companies who have made pest control products for 60 years – and we have small companies who have specialized products and are new to the specialty industry.

UPF&DA is the only group that is specific to the structural pest management industry. Other groups represent agricultural and ornamental and turf suppliers as well as structural. The issues are specialized – just like the products we provide.

Second, it's the networking. Just like state pest control associations evolve over the years with families knowing each other, second generations coming onboard, helping each other during a crisis situation, UPF&DA has this same familial demeanor.

At the end of the day, UPF&DA's goal is to support the pest management industry through quality products, services, training and research. We have two board meetings each year and an impressive spring conference – set this year for April 23-25 at the Hyatt Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. This meeting focuses on providing networking opportunities for our members to learn about each other, develop new relationships – all with the goal of generating the foundation of materials and supplies for the industry.

If you have a product or service to offer the structural pest control industry (or if you are a consultant to same), we invite you to consider membership in UPF&DA. The issues we discuss, the contacts we make have grown the services we provide. Contact Valera Jessee, 770/417-1881 or go to our website UPFDA.com for additional information.


Member Services

UPDATE. UPFDA's information-packed quarterly newsletter keeps members informed of the latest news and industry trends.

MEETINGS & CONVENTIONS. UPFDA members meet regularly at their general membership meeting held in conjunction with NPMA PestWorld, as well as other times throughout the year. UPFDA's spring meeting features two day sof educational sessions designed specifically for industry product suppliers and distributors.

LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATION . UPFDA works closely with various trade groups and government agencies to represent the interests of their constituents at both the state and national level.

MEMBER SURVEYS. Regular surveys provide insights into industry trends at the manufacturer and distributor level.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES. There's no better way to learn what's happening in the industry than to network with some of the industry's most influential members.

Membership in UPFDA is voted on by the Board of Directors at their next possible meeting.

To learn more, contact the Executive Director at 770/965-6972 office, 404/275-3302 mobile.

APRIL 23-25, 2019
Hyatt Regency, Riverwalk
San Antonio, Texas